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Sea Buckthorn Varieties

Please find below the sea buckthorn varieties of our plantations. Depending on the final preparation process, you can choose between varieties of rich in oil, juice or the dry matter.


Early, large fruit , yellow-orange, juicy pulp, thin skin, 78 g/100 fruits, C Vit. 340 mg%, Carotene 3,9 mg%, Total Oil 4,8 %.

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Large fruit, intense yellow-orange, 64 g/100 fruits, C Vit. 380 mg%, Carotene 12,84%, Total Oil 6,2%.

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Round fruit, yellow-orange, 54 g/100 fruits, C Vit. 690 mg%, Carotene 8,9 mg%, Total Oil 5,8 %.

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Late, Mid-sized fruit , elliptical, red-orange color, intense flavor.

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Very early , mid-sized fruit , round, intense yellow color ​

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