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The locations were carefully chosen in the fertile floodplain surrounded by the wild Romanian Carpathian and along the rivers of Argeș and Șasa.
The composition of soil of type sandy loam with middle eutricambosoil stalled in the first 50 cm is influenced by the groundwater near the surface and offers exceptional premises for the culture of the seabuckthorn orchard. The fruits obtained have outstanding nutritional values.
All our plantations are ecological certified. We only use environmental friendly substances for fertilizers and weeds.



Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Enzersfeld Sucursala Bucuresti is a branch office of Austria Bio Garantie GmbH in Romania. It was founded in 2008 and is an independent inspection and certification body. They passed all requirements for application as national and European inspection body for Romania in 2009 and act under the approval of the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture. Products certified by ABG Enzersfeld Sucursala Bucuresti are identified by code number: RO–ECO–018. All customers' certificates can be found in EASY-CERT database, which provides direct access to information related to the certification and the status of their products.
Austria Bio Garantie supports farmers , processors and traders in the organic sector, helping them to develop sustainability and strengthen their market position. It inspects plant production units as well as animal husbandry farms and many Romanian operators that are especially oriented to the export market.

Austria Bio Garantie GmbH Enzersfeld Sucursala Bucuresti
Str. Dionisie Lupu, Nr. 50, Etaj 3, Ap.7,
Sector 1, 010458 Bucuresti, Romania
Tel/FAX: +385 (0)40 390 163
Tel: 0040 (0) 212102124
FAX: 0040 (0) 212102124


ECOINSPECT S.R.L., ECOINSPECT is the first Romanian inspection and certification body for organic farming, established in 2002 (Fiscal code RO14695862).
Ecoinspect S.R.L. a primit codul de identificare RO-ECO-008 din partea MADR.
Ecoinspect has started its activity in 2004, based on the RENAR accreditation until 2007, in accordance to SR EN 45011, has got the code of identification RO – ECO- 008 from the Romanian Agricultural Ministry.
În conformitate cu prevederile legislative naţionale, Ecoinspect S.R.L. a semnat în anul 2012, contractul privind acreditarea cu RENAR- Asociaţia de Acreditare din România Organismul Naţional de Acreditare, procedură care a fost finalizată la data de 30.04.2013, prin emiterea certificatului de acreditare nr. OIC-PE 007.
Ecoinspect is offering inspection services based on the following private standards:  Bio.suisse - with certification by Bio.inspecta AG - Switzerland  USDA NOP - with certification by Bio.inspecta AG - Switzerland  Naturland - with certification by Naturland Germania

Ecoinspect. S.R.L.
Loc. Cluj Napoca Str. Ciocârliei, nr. 6, et.2, ap. 8-9, Jud. Cluj, cod 400619
Tel/Fax: 0751 - 044075, 0264 - 432088, 0364 - 730839
Email: ,


Ecocert Ecocert is an inspection and certification body that operates in accordance with standard EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2013.
Founded in 1991 by agronomists, aware of the need to develop agriculture that respects people and the environment, Ecocert in France has become the leader in organic farming certification. True to our beliefs, we chose to expand our action and expertise through the control and certification of products, systems and services that have a positive environmental impact. In each stage, Ecocert controls provide a guarantee traceability and transparency that meet the expectations of consumers and users.
At the initiative of Michel Reynaud, Ecocert founded in 2004 branch in Romania, which provides inspection and certification in organic farming. ECOCERT Ltd. is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with code RO-ECO-007.

Ecocert Romania
Tel.: 00 40 21 321 20 77
Fax.: 00 40 21 321 20 58


All our plantations are organically certified by internationally accredited inspection bodies. The quality of fruits is exceptional with outstanding nutritional values. The seedlings used for the sea buckthorn plantation are certified, BASIC biological category, the White Sea buckthorn species, Hippophae Rhamnoides L, BIO certified through the Certificates of Quality and Compliance for the origin of the seedlings.


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