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The farms are located in couple of counties across Romania: Roșiile (Vâlcea county), Valea Mare (Dambovita county), Moșnița Nouă (Timișoara county) and Rușețu (Buzău county). The Arges river flowing along the Valea Mare valley in Arges, while another plantation is near to Șasa Valley in Roșiile, Vâlcea. Plantation are placed in favorable microclimats ranging from Arges meadow to fertile valley of Șasa. All our plantations are 70 km South West of Vâlcea, 80 km North West of Bucharest, 15 km East of Timișoara and 50 km East of Buzău. The plantation are scattered along Romania landscape providing full climate environmental security.

The farm has its own equipment for -40oC fast freezing and storage at -20oC used exclusively for seabuckthorn fruits. We use the latest agricultural technology flow that allows harvesting the fruit without operators actually touching the fruit.

Freezing and Storage Equipment

Fast Freezing equipment (-40oC)

The result of using modern technology in our farm is measurable: the seabuckthorn berry reaches the freezing chamber at -40oC within 2 hours from harvest.
By freezing the fruits at -40o C, the natural processes of decay are stopped. It is an innovative method of harvest that guarantees keeping unaltered the properties of the seabuckthorn fruit.
The fruit is harvested in August and September, at full maturity. It is then selected, resulting in a homogeneous product of a constant quality.


We use modern drip irrigation systems and reliable tractors equipped with all modern accessories for a full mechanical maintenance of the land. We work with hydraulic offset cultivators, shredders for cutting grass & branches and harrows for tilling in between and for an optimum soil leveling.

Specialized Orchards Tractor

Hydraulic offset disc harrow

Velox with rotating harrow head

Hydraulic offset cultivators

Grup prășitor cu minitocatoare pentru iarba dintre plante

Cositoare frontală cu tamburi pentru iarba dintre rânduri

Tocatoare de masă vegetală

Tocatoare pentru ramurile de cătină

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