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The frozen sea berry fruit is the main product of our farms:

► In our plantations we have present several varieties of sea buckthorn. They were carefully selected to provide various fruit properties.
► PEach component percent depends on the variety , the time of harvest and climatic conditions of the year.
► Every year we make specific determinations of bioactive compounds from this fruit for each variety, at NIG laboratories Magdeburg, Germany.

Description of seabuckthorn varieties present in our farms:

CLARA variety

Early, large fruit , yellow-orange, juicy pulp, thin skin, 78 g/100 fruits, C Vit. 340 mg%, Carotene 3,9 mg%, Total Oil 4,8 %.

MARA variety

Large fruit, intense yellow-orange, 64 g/100 fruits, C Vit. 380 mg%, Carotene 12,84%, Total Oil 6,2%.

CORA variety

Round fruit, yellow-orange, 54 g/100 fruits, C Vit. 690 mg%, Carotene 8,9 mg%, Total Oil 5,8 %.

PITESTI 2 variety

Very early , mid-sized fruit , round, intense yellow color

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