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SEABUCKTHORN (Hippophae Ramnoides)

About Seabuckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is a shrub fruit whose benefits are known since antiquity. It seems to have originated in South Asia, and the Chinese use it for over 2,000 years in traditional medicine. In Romania, the sea buckthorn grows wild in Carpathian region of Moldavia and Wallachia, from Siret basin to Olt river. This plant is known for its therapeutic and miraculous effects since antiquity. Sea buckthorn is considered one of the plants with exceptional nutritious properties, this is why is considered miraculous. In China for example, traditional medicine recommend it for the treatment of digestive diseases. On the European continent, there are ancient notes talking about the importance of sea buckthorn from Dioscoride and Teophast. Currently, from the sea buckthorn berries we obtain the following products: tea, fruit, buds, leaves and even bark, fruit syrups, fruit oil. The latest one is also the most valuable from a medical standpoint. The whole plant is medicinal but the most active part of it and more beneficial is the fruit. The sea buckthorn fruit syrup obtained by cold pressing has the same effect as fresh fruit, because the syrup preserves without losing, all therapeutically active substances. The pulp from the fruit stands in the surface layer syrup, and above it is a film of oil, which gives to syrup a therapeutic quality but it also protects it.


The sea buckthorn berry contains two times C vitamin than wild rose and 10 times more than citrus. Sea buckthorn syrup obtained by cold pressing is consumed diluted with mineral water or other liquids, the indicated ratio for the day being 3-4 spoons. In case of prolonged physical exertion or for great intellectual efforts, the daily portion can double. According to biologist Mrs. Maria Pop, the syrup should not be used in the evening as it can disturb sleep due to energizing products: Sea buckthorn is the most equipped herb! Its fruits should be treated not just as food but as exceptional natural medicines, true pharmaceuticals products offered by nature, purest ready by biosynthesis. By pairing this fruit with adequate nutrition, we can achieve an effective treatment, preventive and curative. Sea buckthotn is a biotrophic and exceptional biostimulatory, one of the strongest regenerator and energizer due to its important quantity of serotonin. Serotonin is most important anti-stress factor contained in sea buckthorn fruits. It is a cerebral vasodilator hormone, but constrictors too, melatonin precursor, involved in protein synthesis and in regulating glucose levels; It is an effective antioxidant, prevents free radical growing, and it is a good immunomodulator, boosting immune response in antibacterial defense. Serotonin controls the sleep-wakefulness, response to light and dark and the nocturnal micturition.

Sea buckthorn is used in various industries

Food Industry

Sea buckthorn berries can be eaten as such, or as a syrup or a tea. As application rate indicated, there is no particular restriction, it is consumed as much as we feel well.

Traditional Medicine

Buckthorn berries contain the substance called serotonin, which is a very good stimulant neurotransmitter, it is a brain tonic and combats the stress.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Sea buckthorn oil is used in different treatments such as: gastric and duodenal ulcers, allergies, diarrhea, rash, rheumatism, neuroendocrinological, circulatory and liver diseases.

Cosmetics Industry

Sea buckthorn has a nutritional action, revitalizing and restorative skin, is rich in essential nutrients for healthy skin components and results in slowing the aging process.


The whole plant is medicinal, we can use from it both fruits and leaves, roots, buds and even the bark in various cooking ways.


Resulting waste from the harvesting process by removing branches strain, can turn into compost / BIO fertilizer to fertilize the farmland.

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